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Entry #12

Animation is fucking tough!!

2016-04-03 13:05:42 by TheNoobDude

I havnt posted anything in a while.

Its because of the fact that im barely even looking at the surface never mind scratching the surface of animation.

Doing life drawing, gestures looking at all sorts of tutorials I really want to improve.

Hopefully whatever I pump out next will show some of the work im putting in.

But good lord animators how do you do it.

Fair fucking play to all of them.


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2016-04-03 13:25:30

You can do it! Just devote yourself to x amount of hours everyday, even if it's just some squiggles. Eventually, it will become a normal routine in life. Trust me, you'll start to see the differences in between all the years you've spent as an artist ;D

TheNoobDude responds:

I will thanks Crabbman.


2016-04-03 15:39:15

If animation and daethdrain had a fight, animation would win. Sorry daethdrain.

Stick with it!

TheNoobDude responds:

I will buddy.